One single vision integrated by strategist, designers, innovators, creative minds, writers, and engineers.

Our DNA drives us to lead, learn and constantly evolve. We are a cutting-edge multidisciplinary team,
highly passionate about research, design and technology, that seeks to continuously grow and deliver
top notch results for clients worldwide.

We have 3 principles

Our approach is based on collaboration and co – creation, always seeking the best possible outcome for every project. We care for results, we care for our clients. This is why we have long lasting relationships, based on transparency and constant growth.

Constantly evolving

We are curious and passionate about learning. We love what we do so being cutting-edge is a must.


Transparent and collaborative relationships

We seek to build healthy long lasting relationships that allow us to achieve our full potential.


Excellence as a habit.

We have high expectations of ourselves. We know what we are capable of, and therefore, we are not satisfied with anything less than the leap for greatness.


Seek respect, not attention.

All of us are quite different, but we definitely have something in common: we are here to make a change. Understanding design and technology as key players that have the power to transform allows us to approach everything from a different persepective.

Fernando Garcia Fernando Garcia

Fernando Garcia

Alejandro Nadal Alejandro Nadal

Alejandro Nadal

Hein Van Der Pijl Hein Van Der Pijl

Hein Van Der Pijl

Sebastián Harmsen Sebastián Harmsen

Sebastián Harmsen

Product Owner
Camila Seminario Camila Seminario

Camila Seminario

Content Creator
Mariana Valle Mariana Valle

Mariana Valle

Project Manager
Gabriel Mondragón Gabriel Mondragón

Gabriel Mondragón

Senior Back End Developer
Jimena Barrenechea Jimena Barrenechea

Jimena Barrenechea

UX Designer
Hugo Trigoso Hugo Trigoso

Hugo Trigoso

Front End Developer
Juan Carlos Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos

Senior Back - End Developer
Irwin Beltrán Irwin Beltrán

Irwin Beltrán

SEO Lead
Joel Quipusco Joel Quipusco

Joel Quipusco

Senior UI Designer
Kenyo Fuentes Kenyo Fuentes

Kenyo Fuentes

Lead UI Designer
Ronald Fernández Ronald Fernández

Ronald Fernández

Back - End Developer
Deusdit Correa Deusdit Correa

Deusdit Correa

Wendy Medrano Wendy Medrano

Wendy Medrano

Lead UX Research
Gianpier Boucher Gianpier Boucher

Gianpier Boucher

Project Leader
Angie Condor Angie Condor

Angie Condor

Lead UX Designer
Silvana Gambini Silvana Gambini

Silvana Gambini

Lead UX Research
Bryan Olivera Bryan Olivera

Bryan Olivera

Digital Designer
Freddy Huaman Freddy Huaman

Freddy Huaman

UX Designer
Fabiola Renilla Fabiola Renilla

Fabiola Renilla

QA Analyst
Alisson Van Der Pijl Alisson Van Der Pijl

Alisson Van Der Pijl

UX Designer
Alida Contreras Alida Contreras

Alida Contreras

UX Designer
Ana Martell Ana Martell

Ana Martell

Líder de Administración y Finanzas
Giancarlo Lopez Giancarlo Lopez

Giancarlo Lopez

UI Designer
Juan Diego Garay Juan Diego Garay

Juan Diego Garay

UI Designer
Gary Montenegro Gary Montenegro

Gary Montenegro

Senior UX Designer
Gabriela Zagazeta Gabriela Zagazeta

Gabriela Zagazeta

Project Manager
Renzo Caparachin Renzo Caparachin

Renzo Caparachin

Content Creator
Yomar Sanchez Yomar Sanchez

Yomar Sanchez

Front End Developer
Yarissa Salomón Yarissa Salomón

Yarissa Salomón

Sales Development Representative
Sara Herrera Sara Herrera

Sara Herrera

UX Strategist
Neil Quispe Neil Quispe

Neil Quispe

Back End Developer
Robert Álvarez Robert Álvarez

Robert Álvarez

Mobile Developer
Michael Opatskyi Michael Opatskyi

Michael Opatskyi

Full Stack Developer
Nicolás Pachá Nicolás Pachá

Nicolás Pachá

Full Stack Developer
Martín Brao Martín Brao

Martín Brao

QA Analyst
Marisol Torres. Marisol Torres.

Marisol Torres.

Asistente Contable
Paloma Díaz Paloma Díaz

Paloma Díaz

Junior UX Strategist

We seek to evolve on an everyday basis

We share, discuss, learn and grow. Seek’s an open
space where each team member can unwind their
full potential, evolving personally and professionally
as an individual.

What our clients say about us.

“Working with Seek has helped us deeply understand our customer’s journey in order to digitalize our processes and greatly improve the over all customer experience. It is also allowing us to address new business opportunities. The methodologies used by Seek allows us to quickly see results, always bringing user knowledge, business understanding, and industry trends to the table.”

Guillermo Garrido Lecca
CEO Pacífico EPS

We have been successfully working with Seek for the past 3 years, and I’m glad to say, we are highly satisfied with the deliverables involving research, design, and development of digital products. Beyond the excellent quality of the delivered projects, working with Seek has been one of the best experiences. We feel that we’ve had an ally who has always prioritized user experience as well as business results, therefore, the success of every project. In our opinion, after much searching in the market, Seek is an ideal ally for the design and development, from scratch, of any digital solution.

Daniel San Román
ISIL - Marketing Manager

“ I’m pleased to know that we have been working with Seek for more than 4 years on various types of projects in which they have acted as a strategic Partner for research, design, and development of digital products. We have developed with Seek from websites and digital platforms as well as applications directed to our customers and our internal users. We are very satisfied with their work and feel secure knowing that we have an important ally that constantly brings value to the business”.

Alberto D’Angelo
La Tinka - CEO (2016-2022)

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